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2013-02 17 ::: Audycja Kominy 135 :::

by Oru

Published February 17, 2013

I'd like to present my mix, prepared and recorded on 17th February 2013 for

style: abstract, experimental, field recording, musique concrete, avantgarde.


1. Horacio Vaggione - Ash
2. Trevor Wishart - Red Bird 4
3. Jonty Harrison - Hot Air
4. Trevor Wishart - Anticredos
5. Horacio Vaggione - Nodal
6. Horacio Vaggione - Arenas
7. Jonty Harrison - Aria

time: 52min

quality: 320kbps

The music we're playing is not for commercial purposes. If you like it, please support the artists by buying their records.


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